Bohyme + Hair Talk

Extensions at Mirror Mirror Salon

We currently offer Hair Talk tape-in extensions and Habit Hand Tied extensions.

What Are Habit Hand Tied Extensions?

Habit is the method used to install the hair using a hand tied technique. This means NO tape or adhesives!

Why Habit Hand Tied Extensions?

  • ZERO damage to your natural hair
  • No adhesives, glue, or tape
  • INSTANTLY long beautiful hair
  • Seamlessly blends with your natural hair/custom color to ensure a flawless blend of the extensions to your real hair
  • Add dimension without coloring your natural hair
  • You can wear your hair up without exposing any extension tracks
  • Can be used to add volume and thickness

What is the Process for Getting Hand Tied Extensions?

  • Come in for a 15 minute consultation so we can match your hair and answer any questions you have! Please note a credit card is required on file to book and no shows will be charged a $40 no show fee.
  • Book your appointment! The hair takes about a week to ship so your appointment will be at least a week after your consult depending on availability.
  • The initial installation will typically take 3-4 hours depending on how much hair you are g

How Much Does it Cost?

Initial Installation Cost:

  • $250 per row (most clients need two rows)

14/18" Hair:

  • $120 per weft (typically 8-12 are needed)

22" Initial Installation Cost:

  • $175 per weft (typically 6-12 are needed)

Tightening Pricing:

  • 1 row: $200
  • Each additional row: $100
  • Tightening is needed every 6-12 weeks

All installations include custom extension coloring to seamlessly match your natural hair, custom blending haircut and style.

A deposit is required for all extension services

*All pricing is an estimate and may be subject to change

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For more examples of clients with Habit Hand Tied Extensions, check out the Mirror Mirror Instagram or our certified Stylist, Brynn's Instagram and