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***Subject to Change***

We have been closed since March 20th and what we thought was going to be two weeks has quickly turned into two months. We can't wait to see you and know you are anxious to get on the books so we want to keep you updated on what to expect as this new "normal" continues to unfold. Don't worry - will walk you through everything when you come. We just want to manage expectations!


This is new to everyone and we want to be abundantly cautious so we will be very strict and as things develop/improve we may decide to relax some of these policies. In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we are all acclimating to the new way of doing things. We know it will feel a bit more sterile than normal but hope you understand it's for the safety of all those involved!

  • You will text the salon (512)877-5593 as you arrive and once you have the go ahead you may enter the salon. At that point you will get your temperature checked and we will confirm you haven't been exposed to COVID-19 and ensure you have the proper mask (over the ears please)
  • No blow outs (for now). This is for three reasons. We don't want to be blasting germs all over the salon unnecessarily. We are going to be getting used to working while wearing a mask and we want our team to be comfortable. Finally, we want to accommodate as many of you as possible as we play catch up! Once the dust settles and we are comfortable we will add them back as necessary.
  • No guests please. Only you will be allowed to enter for your service. It's imperative that we can maintain distancing for our team and your safety so we will have to be strict on this one.
  • No kids services. In the same breath, we will ask that no children under 12 come for services for now since they will have to be okay coming in alone. Thank you for understanding, we will let you know as soon as you can books kids services again.
  • Please wear clothing that you can leave on throughout the service. You will not have access to the closet to hang clothes. You will be given a clean smock to put over your clothes during your service.
  • No beverage service for now and we ask that you limit beverages in the salon. It's very difficult to drink with a mask and we don't want you have to fumble with your mask during a service.
  • Retail will be available but not out on the shelves to "shop" - simply let your stylist know what you need and we will pull it from the back and of course they can make recommendations as well. This is to keep minimal contact and to keep products clean - don't forget we have an online store you can shop NOW!


To get on the books please call us at 512-420-8868 and leave a message or email us at appointments@mirrormirroraustin.com. We will not begin answering the phones during regular hours until May 18th so please leave a message or shoot us an email.

  • We will be open 7 days a week from 7am - 8pm
  • We are working diligently to reschedule everyone as fairly as possible while also accommodating new appointments. Trust the process and know we are committed to get you all in ASAP.
  • Our team will be shifting their hours so please be flexible on rescheduling appointments
  • We are committed to getting you in as quickly and safely as possible so being open to seeing a different stylist than you normally see might expedite that process
  • We have stringent social distancing and capacity rules In place so please don't ask your stylist to work outside their shift as we cannot accommodate "extra" people In the salon

Please make sure you are getting all salon emails so you can get up to date info on what to expect when you come!

Updated Schedules!

BRETT | Tues - Sat ( 7a - 1p )

CAROLYN | Mon - Wed ( 8a - 8p )

MIDGE | Mon ( 8a - 8p), Tues ( 7a - 1p), Wed - Thurs ( 8a - 8p)

KATIE | Mon ( 7a - 1p), Wed ( 2p - 8p), Fri - Sat ( 7a - 1p )

BRYNN | Currently out on maternity leave!

AILI | Tues - Thurs ( 2p - 8p), Fri ( 7a - 1p), Sat ( 2p - 8p)

JOHNA | Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat ( 2p - 8p )

SAVANAH | Mon ( 7a - 1p ), Tues & Thurs ( 7a - 7p )

KIMBERLY | Mon ( 8a - 8p ), Thurs ( 2p - 8p ), Fri ( 7a - 1p )

HALLE | Mon ( 2a - 8p ), Thurs ( 7a - 1p ), Sat & Sun ( 2p - 8p )

EMILY | Wed & Thurs ( 7a - 1p ), Fri & Sun ( 2p - 8p )

CARAH | Tues - Thurs ( 2p - 8p ), Sat ( 7a - 1p ), Sun ( 2p - 8p )

MK | Wed ( 7a - 1p ), Fri ( 2p - 8p ), Sat ( 7a - 1p), Sun ( 8a - 8p)

HANNAH | Fri ( 8a - 8p ), Sat ( 2p - 8p ), Sun ( 8a - 8p )

JENI | Coming Soon!


Award Winning Salon!

Salon of Distinction | Salon Today 2019

Top 200 Salons in the Country | Salon Today 2016, 2017, 2018

Best New Salon | Austin Monthly 2011

Best Highlights | Austin Monthly 2012

Best Hair Stylist | Austin Fashion Week 2010 & 2011

Best Hair Stylist | Rare Magazine 2010

Best Women's Cut | Austin Fashion Week 2010

Best Men's Cut | Austin Fashion Week 2011

Rising Star | Austin Fashion Week 2014

✨Waitlist Update✨ If you have emailed or left a voicemail we promise we have you on the list and will absolutely get back to you! We service upwards of 1000 people a month and we have been closed for two months so you can imagine what the list looks like! Monday was our first “official” day back and our support team is now able to pitch in and help Gilbert work through it as quick as possible. There are a ton of nuances with scheduling so we appreciate your patience! It’s our goal to get back to normal scheduling ASAP but in the mean time sit tight. We hear you. We see you. We will get back to you and get you feeling like a million bucks in no time. And don’t forget there are #mirrormirrorstrong hats available on our website if your roots are driving you nuts 😜. Thanks for waiting for us! - Martha Lynn

Let’s do this! Doors open at 7am ✨. We are still working our way through the wait list so hang tight if you haven’t heard from us. If you need to get on the list. Head to stories for a peek into a few of our new protocols! 😷💕

✨MAY 18th✨... we will be back but in a completely different way. Services will be limited so we can get the hang of our new normal. Please read all updates on our website at www.MirrorMirrorAustin.com so you know exactly what to expect 🤓. We have missed you terribly and can’t wait to see you but we are putting safety first and we want to accommodate as many of you as possible. 💥IMPORTANT💥...we are NOT offering color kits or in home services. Period. We need full control of our environment to keep everyone safe. Additionally, sending clients home with chemicals to put on themselves is not only cost prohibitive but extremely dangerous and a liability we are not willing to absorb. Please know we will be taking every precaution to keep everyone safe. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you aren’t quite ready to venture out we understand and will be here for you when you are 🥰.

Hey there! @marthalynnkale here with your friendly reminder that brighter days are coming! We can’t wait to welcome you back when we can safely. In the meantime, stay safe and remember the rainbows always come after the rain 🌈. If you are looking to book an appointment best thing to do is email appointments@mirrormirroraustin.com and get on the wait list. We will not start booking until we have a firm date! Then we will book based on clients who have been cancelled since closure and then work through the wait list. Gilbert is all over it as you can imagine 🤓. And if you aren’t getting our emails for updates make sure you let us know so you can be the first to know about changes! 💕 We are still accepting donations, we have re-launched our online store with NEW (!!!) goodies and #mirrormirrorstrong swag is coming and available for pre-order! Trust me...it’s 👏🏼so 👏🏼good👏🏼. Everything you need at www.MirrorMirrorAustin.com